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LA Trip - Keeley MacDonald

Hello Parents of Senior Company,

Hope you are doing well. So excited to get started in a couple of weeks!

I am planning an LA Trip for July 2015. This is a great experience for dancers to take class at The Edge Dance Centre, which is one of the top rated dance studios in North America. Dance Xpressions had done this trip before and it is always a memorable experience for dancers. I have taught the grad class this year since they were very young so I think it is a good year to do put together a trip like this.

What does a trip like this entail?

We will stay in Hollywood for 10 nights. During this time the dancers will complete 20 classes at the Edge. They get to choose their classes, although there will be a couple classes everyone will do together. They have their choice of everything and anything so it will be easy to find 2-3 classes a day for everyone to participate in. For the last 3 nights we will head over to Anaheim and spend 2-3 days in Disneyland. There is also a possibility of going to Universal Studios, Huntington Beach, Santa Monica and Rodeo Drive as well. I am also trying to see if we can perform at Disneyland, but I am not sure if we can, yet.

What is the cost?

I have done a very rough estimate based on 6 dancers. This estimate includes:


-Rental Van


-Dance Classes

-Renting a house in Hollywood and in Anaheim

-Disneyland Passes


This rough estimate is between $1800-$2000 and does not include food/spending money. I have also not included travel insurance for the dancers as they would need to get this on their own. Since payments are collected throughout the year this estimate could change. I really don’t see it going higher, though, as I tried to estimate as high as I could. I will be able to do a more specific estimate once I know how many dancers are interested. More than 6 dancers is doable, but will need another chaperone, another van, and a bigger house, so if we have more than 6 I am hoping we have 10-12 dancers going to keep costs the same.

Payments will be separated. The first payment due October 15th will be non-refundable and will reserve your spot on the trip. It will be $500. The next payment will be due sometime in February ($500-$650) and the last payment will be due at the end of June (remaining owed).

Another way to get the cost down is to fundraise. We will be hosting a big fundraising event for this trip. It will be a Poker Night in April. If you want to come on the trip it is mandatory that you work at this event. Any personal fundraising done after Christmas will also help with the cost. Just as a side note, when I went on the DX trip to Vegas in 2008, we were able to get our dance classes completely paid for by fundraising.

What are the dates?

The trip will take place either the first two weeks of July or the last two weeks of July. I will be able to confirm this by the end of October. I picked July because I do not want the dancers to have too much of a break before we go since they need to be in their best shape for the training they will receive.

Please reply to this email if your child is interested in going on this trip. It will help me if I have an estimate on how many students may be coming. Of course you do not have to confirm anything until October 15th when the first payment is due.


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thanks again, hopefully this covers it all. Could you please add a link to my facebook page as well....Zumba Fitness with Kimberly Hunt this is where I keep them up to date as well as my webpage www.kimberlyhunt.zumba.com

Can't wait to meet everyone :)


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