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TOT: ¨1-2 years of dance training. Ages 3-4.

BEGINNER: ¨2-3 years of dance training. Ages 5-6.

JUNIOR: 3-4 years of dance training. One R.A.D. level ballet class per week. Ages 7-10.

INTERMEDIATE: 3-6 years of dance training. Two R.A.D. level ballet classes per week. Ages 11-13.

ADVANCED 1 ¨7+ years of dance training and 2/3 R.A.D. level ballet classes per week. Majority of students 14 years and younger.

ADVANCED 2 ¨7+ years of dance training and 2/3 R.A.D. level ballet classes per week. Majority of students 15 years and older.


We are very excited to introduce our enhanced program and feel positive in the knowledge that our students will not only gain more confidence and self esteem, but will also realize the value and benefits of a strong training program.

*All competitive classes that are highlighted in company colors are mandatory and will have an attendance record. If more than 3 classes are missed in any discipline of dance the student will be unable to compete. It is unfair to students, parents and instructors if students miss class.

*Company costs include 8 classes weekly. Additional classes will be charged $10 per class per month.

*Company students must take two ballet classes per week. Ballet is essential for proper technique, posture, balance and more. The students who are representing the studio and instructors need to be well equipped with all of the necessary tools for dance.

*Monthly company costs will include five costume fees, alterations and sewing costs. No additional cost will be collected regarding costumes for company classes. Teachers will start shopping for costumes in the fall, and all costumes will be completed or purchased by February 2015.

*It will be mandatory for Company students to attend every competition. No exceptions will be made. Two of them will be a Destination competition. All students will be actively involved in Fundraisers to cover the majority of competition cost. Please let us know immediately if you would like to be a parent in charge of one of these tasks. This helps the team immensely!

*Before September 8th, 2014 All 10 post dated checks, signed schedule must accompany your registration sheet or you will not be considered registered.

*Students who wish to have a solo please speak with Keeley. Once approved a particular instructor and time may be requested. Solo Choreography will be taught in the summer in 4 One hour classes. Solo cheques must be dated for August 1st 2014 for $240.

*If competitive classes are not ready for competition it is at the discretion of the Instructor to withhold them from competing with NO REFUND. Students are asked to film their dances and practice on a regular basis so this is avoided.


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